All Home Sharing Not Permitted in San Jose

Home Sharing is not permitted according to the property owner or legal manager of the property. If you have rented one of these accommodations on a home sharing website you may be doing so without the authorization of the property owners. Help keep websites like VRBO and AirBNB safe and legal by only renting from legitimate hosts. This prevents fraud and loss of enjoyment or financial hardships and helps prevents tax evasion and damage to property. Property owners can add a listing to this database for no charge. All listings are provided for information purposes and are presented without warranty of accuracy.

  • San Jose Skyline Heights Condo

    Property Address: 81 E. San Fernando
    San Jose
    United States

    Located in the heart of the city, this 77-storey high-rise building offers the best in downtown living. The building is beautifully landscaped and offers spectacular views of the San Jose skyline. San Jose Skyline Heights Condo does not allow any home sharing or AirBNB style of rentals. If you see the address or photos of San Jose Skyline Heights Condo on any website offering short stay rentals by a third-party host be advised that this is not authorized and you should cancel the reservation and contact the platform where you rented the accomodation as it is not allowed. San Jose Skyline Heights Condo is steps away from all the major attractions San Jose has to offer, including, the art gallery, trendy neighbourhoods, and many restaurants and shops. Also close by is a community centre, swimming pool, and the shopping district as well as restaurants. If you are interested in rentals at San Jose Skyline Heights Condo please contact us directly by email or phone or visit our official website. San Jose Skyline Heights Condo Property Details Balcony Cable Ready Elevator Fridge / Stove Laundry Room On Site Management Parking Elevators Great Views Laundry Room Security Security Camera System 24hr On-site Superintendent Parking Available Some utilities included